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SWELL Project Description

Improving Reading Comprehension of Middle Grades English Language Learners by Combining Structure Strategy with Web-Based Adaptive Tutoring for EL Learners (SWELL) 

Description of the SWELL Intervention

Strategy Instruction on the Web for Spanish speaking English Language Learners (SWELL) is our recently completed version of ITSS. The system provides two types of scaffolds for Spanish speaking English language learners.

1. Spanish Scaffolding adapts to children who are more proficient in Spanish than English. All information for the text structure lessons are presented in Spanish first and then transitioned to English. Children are able to understand the instructions and passage in their L1 and then transition to L2 using this method.
2. English Extension adapts to children who are making good progress in English but need assistance with some vocabulary and linguistic modifications to understand the English text. Children are able to hover over words and see the Spanish translation. They are also able to click and receive additional assistance in Spanish.

Stay tuned for updates on our results from the research studies on the SWELL system!